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1.YIC GPS Modules and Antennas will help customers with the following requirements to deliver the most competitive GPS products as quickly as possible.

a. New or change the design of GPS products

b. Add GPS functionality to existing products

c. Improve the current unsatisfied GPS performance

d. Replace the existing GPS Modules or Antennas to improve cost performance

e. New design use or need to match GPS Antennas

f.  In use of Internal or external antenna ineffective in a particular band.

2.To get the best GPS performance, must have high-quality GPS receivers and after one to one finely-tuned GPS Antennas.YIC not only offer “finely-tuned GPS Antenna Modules(GM series)” to get GPS NMEA data directly but also “GPS Modules(EB series) + External / Internal Antennas” which one to one finely-tuned is free of charge. Of course, the direct selection of YIC’s G-Mouse receivers is also a simple and quick design option.



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